Please read my terms of service!

✰Render/Full Shading✰

✦Head-shot: $20
✦Half body: $30
✦Complete body: $50
✦Extra character: +$25, max. 5
✦Complex background: +$20-30
(depends on complexity)
✦Turn around time: 7 days - 14 days


✧Headshot: $10
✧Half body: $15
✧Complete body: $20
✧Extra character: +$15 maximum 5
✧Complex background: $20
✧Turn around time: 4 days - 7 days
✧Uncoloured sketch (ONLY FULL BODY: $10
✧Extra character: +$6

Sonic/Chibi artstyle

✦Head-shot: $15
✦Half body: $25
✦Complete body: $35
✦Extra character: +$20, max. 5
✦Complex background: +$20-30
(depends on complexity)
✦Comic panel: $30
✦Turn around time: 7 days - 14 days

Comic page

✧Starting price: $45 per panel
✧Extra character: +$20
✧Page limit: 10 (negotiable)
✧Turn around time: 7 days - +2 weeks

Terms of service

I. General terms:
-Please provide any type of clear image/text references.
-It would not be tolerated any type of insults or disrespect towards me.
-Rules must be followed in each type of commission, wether is a custom or a YCH.
-If you fail to follow my rules I'm allowed to decline the commission.
-I won't refund a commission in any other case than me not being able to finish it because of any due reason.
II. Payment:
-Payment must be either a full PayPal USD payment, or a half to start and half to give deliver the files.
-I won't accept anything as a payment besides USD currency.
III. Commission process:
-I'll send each progress (Sketch-Lineart-Color-etc) to you and I'll need an approval for me to continue.
-If I get the approval I won't do any big change, a change of colour can be done, or either small lineart details, other than that won't be accepted.
-My deadlines may variate from each piece, it can take from 2 days to +2 weeks, I'll inform the possible deadline in each case if requested.
-As a client you'll always be able to come back to me in case of any error/mistake in the illustration in a lapse of 2 weeks. Example of mistake: 2 right hands, miss matched colors, etc.
IV. Slots:
-I will do one art piece per slot, if you wish to commission me again as soon as I finish you'll be requiered to ask for a new slot.
-If you don't answer while I send you progress I'm free to work on my other slots.
V. Turn around time:
-My turn around time, even if set, can change if I'm in uncommon situations, which I'll let you know before/during the work process.
-If you need the commission for a set date I'll be glad to do so, but if it's not possible I'll let you know.
VI. Limits:
-Will draw:
✭Size difference
✭If your kink/fetish isn't here feel free to ask!
-Won't draw:
✭Racist/Xenophobic kinks